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AMF_Experts is an International Certified Public Accounting and Management Consulting firm based in Haiti that provides complete business solutions to public, private,  and nongovernmental organizations.

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Our Strategy

Our strategy is quality in everything we do. Our company provides services in industries such as Health, Pharmaceutical, Education, Agriculture, Energy, Telecommunications, Banking and Finance, Constructions. Our growing list of customers includes government, international donors and institutions from the private sector and non-government organizations. We are on the short list of firms qualified to bid for projects executed in Haiti and financed by international agencies such as USAID, Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank and European Union.

We Provide Wide Range Of Services

Assurance & Financial Attest Services

 Our highly trained professionals are proficient in controls design & evaluation, risk management processes and governance. 

Governance & Leadership

We conduct due diligence analyses, provide integration planning and post-merger integration services for small, medium and large-scale ventures.

Internal Auditing Services

We specialize in services that focus on creating value with a comprehensive, disciplined analytical approach that results in practical solutions.

Taxation & Forensic Accounting

We assist in implementing a proactive tax management approach that allows our clients to take advantage of the tax laws. 

Financial Management Services

AMF Experts offer services that contribute to the successful growth of your institution. Request a consultation to learn more.

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